Course on female reproductive system

PAWA – a Pan African Organization, would like to inform the Pan African Women in Oslo (Norway) who, want to participate in the FGM course that it is only held on Saturdays and that it is possible with the help of Pawa’s activities calendar to inform of a suitable Saturday. Below is brief information about the course.

Womens health with focus on the reproductive system

Pawa`s goal is, to increase the knowledge and respect on how a woman’s reproductive system functions and how its functions are affected, when one has been circumcised.

Women will gain greater insight into their own health, opportunities to support and strengthen the arguments and the work against female circumcision

Focus on a child perspective

Female genital mutilation is a term that obscures. It is not women that are circumcised. There are small children from two weeks to 4 years. In Somalia, from 6 -8 years. There are variations.
But it is children that experience the most horrible pains and trauma.

Creating support and attitude-altering groups to prevent
women cicumsission and to increase the women’s awareness about their own attitudes and freedom to choice, in regards to their life and health in Norway