Brief history

What is PAWA?

  • Pawa ( Pan African Womens Association ) is an organization targeting different African women with diverse cultural backgrounds based in Norway.
  • Pawa aims to create a platform where African women can meet, exchange ideas, spread knowledge and information, learn from each others experiences and meet their everyday challenges.
  • Pawa provides the arena where Pan african women can address various social and health issues affecting them by providing the necessary support needed espescially to those that have newly arrived in Norway.
  • Pawa functions as a bridge between Pan African women and the wider Norwegian Society and its institutions by disseminating information about Norwegian culture, the opportunities available in Norway,responsibilities and the rights of its citizens with special focus on the rights of the child.
  • Pawa is also a social network where women with diverse cultural backgrouds can meet and have fun.

Our Vision

PAWA’s vision is for African women and girls to live full and active lives, in enjoyment of their rights in Norway.

  • To establish a network for African Women and girls, so that they can exchange experiences and ideas that will help them to meet their everyday challenges.
  • To create a space in which African women and girls can speak for themselves.
  • To challenge dominant stereotypes about African women and girls in the Norwegian media, through lobbying and advocacy.
  • To highlight the importance of mental and physical well being within the different African communities in Norway.
  • To ensure that information specifically targeting women’s and children’s s lives in Norway is made available in the African communities.
  • To be a point of contact and a source of information for newly arrived African women and children in Norway.
  • To highlight the importance of the links that Africans in Norway have to communities in Africa.